Blue Butterfly Birthday Card

Hello everyone, I realize it’s been a long time since I last posted a project. Many apologies! Fear not I have not forgotten all about it. I have simply been busy with life’s many distractions.

Th other day was my mom’s birthday, so I made a card that I thought I could share with you today. (almost every bit of it is printable and you can print up those pieces).



  • Blue card stock
  • Butterfly stickers
  • Blue ribbon that coordinates well
  • The printable giblets that are posted below (cut them out as instructed)
  • Glue


Just as promised here is the printable stuff:


For printing you will get the best results if you print them out on card stock (don’t worry I put everything on one sheet of paper so it creates a lot less waste).

Just know that if everything looks wrong when you open it in Word just click the enable editing button and it will go back to exactly the way it was intended to be.

Step 1: Glorious Giblets

First things first cut everything out as depicted below.


Use a ruler as a straight edge to cut the big piece into a perfect rectangle.

Step 2: It isn’t poker but we’re still folding

Now that you have all the components laid out set them aside, because it’s time to break out the blue card stock! Take it and fold it landscape style carefully meeting the edges together like so…

Image result for images of a blue piece of paper folded in half landscape style

Landscape being the one on the right (you could always do a variation and try portrait if you’d like, use your creativity!).

Set this aside we will come back for it later.

Step 3: Stick Together

At this point it’s just a matter of gluing everything together! No problem (I used multiple glue types for convenience).

Before anything I glue the ribbon onto the pretty patterned printed piece.


Flip it over and glue the ribbon around the back to hide the raw edges.



Glue the butterfly into the top right corner, slightly off center.



Now glue the “Happy Birthday” sign onto the front.


My hot glue is messy!


Now add the butterfly stickers! YAY! (Sorry, I just love stickers)

Do you remember the blue card stock you set aside, it is time to bring it back down out of the attic. Glue this lovely creation onto the front of the card like so…SAMSUNG CSC


Tada! Yay! we’re finally finished, all you have to do is write a lovely message inside, you may use the pretty message I included in the print out or you can use your personal creativity. Either way I hope you enjoy this classy creation.

Glamour shots


I invite you to comment, post pictures of your version of this card. Pin this so that you can remember it for later. Please like and follow me using your email, I would really love your support and encouragement to continue to do further posts like this! Thank you very much!

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