Lady Bug Drawing Tutorial

I have always loved ladybugs, so I figured that what better way to celebrate spring time than to create beautiful ladybug art.

Step 1. Draw an oblong circle.

Lady bug tutorial

Step 2. Add another circle at the top very lightly.

lb 2

Step 3. Erase the inner part of the circle.

lb 3

Step 4. Add eyes by drawing two lemon shapes near the face.

lb 4

Step 5. Erase the lines in the middle.


Step 6. Add spots too taste, be sure to use a darker outline.


Step 7. Add a split down the middle, a few legs (6), and some antennae for personality (or not I just do because it makes the ladybugs cuter to me).

lb 7

Step 8: Add a dash of color (note: I used really dark red for the spots instead of black).


Step 9. Just add highlights and some shading and it’s perfect!


I hope this was a helpful tutorial. Be on the lookout for some rather creative projects coming soon! Also please like, comment, re-post, and share this email with your friends thank you for your continued support.

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