REFASHION: Frumpy Frock

So I am finally back from my long break from the internet, and i am getting ready to start back up with school in high gear. But before I do I need to be well equipped, I am going to need some back to school outfits that are sure to make the grade. So this week I dug through my closet and said goodbye to a lot of the old clutter; luckily while I was rummaging I found a frumpy frock that I realized I’d never wear. It didn’t fit my body type and had no waistline at all so I almost tossed the little fellow, but then an idea struck me! I could refashion it into a really cute skirt. So without any further adue I give you my Frumpy Frock Refashion.


What You’ll Need:

  • A frumpy frock that you’ll never wear again (obviously).
  • Dritz 1 3/4 in. metallic elastic waistband (you can find this at pretty much any craft store).
  • Clear thread (again any craft store ought to carry this).
  • Proper sewing accoutrements.

What to do:

  1. Firstly evaluate your frock. make sure that when you’re cutting the top off of it that the cut will be even. In my case, this is a very flowy material and i needed to pin all the way across the top to ensure one side of my skirt isn’t longer than the other. 
    You might be able to see the pins along the top seam if you look closely. 


  2. Now that you have everything lined up properly cut off the top of the frock. Use a cutting mat and rotary cutter for greater accuracy. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

3. Turn the dress inside out and press a 1/4 in. fold around the cut and then fold that in on itself and press it again (as depicted below).

This will take care of the raw edge that you have just cut.
You might be able to see the pins along the top seam if you look closely.


4. Now sew the fold down (while sewing stay close to the inside edge so that the fold won’t come unfolded).

Sew like so…

5. Take out the elastic waistband and wrap it around the part of your waist that you want the skirt to hang from. For me I always choose the small of my waist because it it the most flattering to my body type. Cut the elastic leaving a half inch of extra on both ends (make it a half inch bigger than your waistline on both ends).

6. Once you have cut the elastic sew the two ends together, with rightsides together. Use caution when sewing elastic and take it slowly so you don’t mess up anything.

7. Pin the elastic seam open.

8. Your waistband is complete at this point. Now pin the skirt to the waistband. The shiny side of the waistband should be on the outside and the skirt should be right side out and pinned just below the waistband. (How you pin it is how it should turn out once you have sewn it so be dilligent and make sure you don’t have any mistakes. The skirt should be larger than the elastic waistband so pin little “baggy places” about every six inches or less). Refer to the picture.

Notice how the skirt doesn’t fit perfectly into the elastic waistband.


9. Thread your machine with the clear thread, don’t forget the bobbin too. Additionally set it on the zig-zag stitch.

I use clear thread on the elastic so that the stitches won’t show up on the outside of the skirt.

10. Sew the skirt to the elastic from the outside (as depicted).

Now imaging the needle going back and forth in a zig-zag stitch.

As a side note as you are stitching stretch the elastic until it matches the length of the fabric at each place you have pinned it. This will result in the skirt making pretty little gathers.

11. Finally sew the open elastic seam down (as depicted). Then clean up your mess and admire your beautiful new skirt!

Don’t forget to pull out all the pins!


Sew the elastic seams flat so they don’t poke your back.

12. Glamor shot!!!


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