Up-cycled T-Shirt Headband

So, I have recently gotten into the headband scene. This is largely because they are crazy handy to have to keep the hair out of your face while you do your makeup. They are pretty easy to make and probably the best way to use up scraps from a T-shirt quilt. Anyway, whether you are sporty or you just want to keep your locks out of your eyes this is a great headband tutorial.

What You’ll Need:

  • T-shirt fabric or an old t that you want to up-cycle
  • Iron on stabilizer
  • An iron
  • Sewing accouterments
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat make things a lot easier

The Procedure:


First iron, iron on stabilizer to the back of your material following the instructions given on the package. Mine was already ironed on because, as I mentioned before, I have tons of scraps left over from my t-shirt quilt. Iron on stabilizer stops the fabric from stretching while you sew it. I used almost a fat-quarter sized piece of fabric for this project.

Cut the fabric into four inch wide strips, mine wasn’t long enough to fit around my head so I had to sew it together. To do so, lay both strips right sides together at a 90° angle from one another (as depicted below). Then sew at an across at a diagonal (also depicted below). Be careful when sewing, make sure that the diagonal you are sewing will open up making the two strips connect in a line (if they open up at a right angle you have done it wrong).


When you have done that it should look like this (depicted below). Cut off the extra on the seams.


Cut off the extra on the seams.


Now fold the strip in half lengthwise and sew it together on the edge. Sew on the edge of the foot. This will create a long tube. The tube should be long enough to go around your head with some extra.


Flip the tube right side out again.


Measure like this:


So that it wraps around your head with about six inches surplus between the two sides.


Measure out about five and a half inches of elastic (I used two bands but my recommendation is that you use only one wide one).


Using your handy dandy elastic threader tool thread the elastic into the tube (a safety pin does the job in a pinch if you don’t have the elastic threader). Thread it to the middle and then leave the elastic in the middle and retrieve the threader.


Pin the elastic down inside the tube and sew it. Sew one side only, first. I just sewed straight across and went back and forth a few times to really secure it.


Push some slack over the elastic, pin it down and sew the other end too.

Measure it on your head again and cut away any excess (you should leave about an inch of slack on both sides with the elastic stretched out).

Capture 2.PNG


Discard the excess. Next take both end pieces and pinch them in half.


Make sure that the open ends of the pinches are facing each other.


Put one pinch inside the other one so that they overlap (depicted below).


Sew them together at the end.


Open the headband and this is what you should have:


This concludes the t-shirt headband tutorial.

Glamour shots!!!


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