Mending Skinny Jeans (Super Easy Method)

While I was babysitting a while back I bent down to pick up a toy and my knee just popped right out! It tore a very nice sized hole in my jeans that I was less than thrilled about because every time I’d move my knee at all the hole would grow! I was really sad because they were my favorite pair of jeans ever and they were “ruined.” If this sort of thing has ever happened to you, fret not because I am about to share with you a super awesome mending method. Even if you’re afraid of hand sewing this takes the cake for simple mending.

What You’ll Need:

  • A pair of pants that has tragically been used and abused (obviously it has a hole that needs fixing or else you wouldn’t be here)
  • A sewing needle
  • Embroidery floss that is either a match to the color of your jeans or a coordinating color
  • An old t-shirt that you are going to use to cut up and patch the hole with
  • Iron on stabilizer
  • An iron and ironing board
  • Fabric scissors
  • Other necessary sewing items

The Procedure:


First put the pants on and clearly identify the hole(s) that you want to patch up. Then as your taking them off make sure they end up inside out. SAM_3855.JPG

Gauge approximately how large the hole is and keep that in mind.


Iron on the stabilizer to the back of the t-shirt material following the instructions on the packaging. I already had some lying around because I made a t-shirt quilt a while back and I have found endless uses for the scraps (such as this). Once you have stabilized the t-shirt material cut a piece out that it substantially larger than the whole you are trying to patch.


Lay the patch face down over the hole while the jeans are inside out.


Pin the patch down thoroughly.


Next, select the color(s) that you will be using. I used embroidery floss because it’s sturdy and matched the color of my pants almost perfectly. If you are the embroidering type then you could take this to the whole next level and add flowers and designs all the way around the hole as well. I chose to keep things simple for the sake of time. I used three strands of the floss (for those of you who don’t know: if you lick the embroidery floss you will notice that it has six separate stands that have been put together to make one strand of floss). I cut the floss to the desired length and separated three stands from the rest and threaded my needle with it.


Start stitching however you see fit.


As you can tell I have flipped the jeans right side out again to make sure that I am sewing everything correctly.


Once you have made a complete circle around the hole tie the thread up on the inside and cut the excess thread.


After you cut the excess thread cut away all the extra fabric that is around the edge of the stitching. Don’t cut too close leave a little less than a half inch all the way around.


I used the t-shirt material on the knee because it has stretch capabilities which is good so that I’ll be able to bend my knee without further damaging my pants. I hope that this tutorial was helpful and aids you in your own mending endeavors.

Glamour shot!


Please don’t forget to like, comment below on additional ways I could have beautified my jeans whether it be a different thread color or an iron on patch. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my blog! You support encourages me to continue on with my creative endeavors. Add me on Pinterest at Ashlynn Zibby!

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