Ultimate Upcycle: Galaxy Pencil Bag


I recently found myself going through my closet and getting rid of a bunch of old things that I no longer wanted, nor needed no doubt. In my effort to rid my life of clutter I came across an ancient pencil bag that I have had since the second grade. That thing had been through the works, its once pink exterior had now faded to a less than appealing flesh, color the inside was scarred from years of carrying pens and pencils. I almost tossed it onto the pile, there was no way I was going to take that thing and use it in public. That’s when I was inspired to recreate my pen bag and make it new again. Without any further ado, I give you the upcycled pencil bag.

What You’ll Need:

  • A very old fabric pen bag that you can’t stand the sight of anymore
  • Paint of the acrylic variety in various eye-pleasing colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Other paint gear (like an appropriate place to paint that you won’t be sad if you mess up)
  • Painters tape (i.e. frog tape or blue painters tape)
  • Creativity

The Procedure:


So the first order on the agenda is to cover the edge of the clear window with painter’s tape so that it will stay that way (clear that is). I also covered the zipper because I didn’t want it to get painted either.


After it has been properly taped up (I lifted up the little fabric seam edge and taped under it). You can being to paint it. The idea of a galaxy pencil bag caught my flight of fancy so that’s what I went with.


I mixed the colors….


I started on the back and experimented with layering dark blues and purples together, then I added a layer of white to create the cloudy look (there was a lot of dabbing involved).


Allow the first layer to dry very well before adding the stars and such.


The back is complete so now it’s time for the front (Warning you MUST let the back completely dry before you flip it over or all your hard work will be ruined).


Again just as before start with purple tones and blues.


Layer in lighter colors and then possibly some even darker ones. Don’t worry if you get a little paint on the metal part that comes right off with a toothpick.


Allow it to completely dry before taking the tape off of the front and zipper.


Carefully add stars to the front, personally the few stars with a slight flare are more work but they’re well worth the effort.


This concludes my tutorial for a renewed pen bag. If you decide to try this at home feel free to show off your results in the comments.






Please feel free to comment on other possible designs or themes that I could have went with for this bag. Don’t forget to like, and subscribe if you haven’t already! Add me on Pinterest at Ashlynn Zibby!


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