A Fishy Thank You Card

I recently had the pleasure of going fishing with some friends (yes I am a girl who enjoys fishing). When I arrived home I decided that I wanted to thank them in true fisher-woman style: a hand made thank you card.

What You’ll Need:

  • A sheet of card stock 
  • Cute scrapbook paper
  • Colored paper scraps of coordinating colors 
  • Stamps 
  • Glue
  • A cereal box 
  • Other card making equipment deemed necessary 


  • Step one is to fold the card stock in half and cut to size to make a card base. It is shown in the horizontal position right now.

  • Lay the card base down on the scrapbook paper that you want for the  background.

  • Trace around the outside of the card.

  • Cut out where you traced.

  • Now glue it onto the front of your card base.

  • Next take a blue stamp  pad and rub the edges gently to create a more blue-ish hue.

  • Set the card aside and grab some paper scraps

  • Either print out fish or draw some on several different pieces of paper

  • Now cut them out! 

  • I want the fish to be a little bit more dimension so this is where the cereal box comes in.
  • Cut a small strip off of the cereal box No wider than the fish and about 12 inches long or less

  • Measure the width of the fish and mark it on the strip.

  • Now start folding the cardboard strip onto itself.

  • Now glue it so that it lays flat.

  • Repeat this three times for each fish (I folded it more for the fish in the middle and fewer times for the outer fish)
  • Now glue the fish onto the cardboard then glue the fish onto the front of the card!

  • Next we need to add the message to the outside. 
  • Stamp a scrap piece of paper with “Thank you” or print it out depending on what tools you have

  • Cut out the thank you

  • I cut it into a flag shape just to make it a lot cuter (I also added eyes to the fish)!

  • Glue the”thank you” message to the front of the card and you are done!
  • Glamour shots!

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