Upcycle: Clip On Earring Necklace Pendants

I must confess that this is not the first time I have turned a clip on earring into a necklace pendant. There’s just something about them that inspire me creatively. It’s a cool project because there is no one way to do it. If you have antique clip on earring or they are heirlooms then this project is perfect for you!

What You’ll Need:

  • A clip on earring 
  • A length of chain that can fit around your neck
  • A lobster clap
  • Some small jump rings 
  • Jewelry pliers and tools


  • First select the clip on earring that you want to make into a pendant 
  • Next remove the clip

  • You remove the clip by using a pair of pliers to pinch the sides and slipping it out of the little holes that is is wedged into which are securing it in place 

    • It should look like this when collmplete

    • Using pliers bend down the metal piece that was holding the clip in place (try to get it down as far as possible)

    • Now open up two jump-rings and set them aside. If you’re unsure what a jump-ring is they are pictured above (little silver circlets). MAKE SURE YOU OPEN THE JUMP-RINGS CORRECTLY OR YOU WILL BREAK THEM! I.e. Open them “sideways” as shown.

    • Measure out the length of chain that fits around your neck to a desired length and cut it. Then fold the chain in half and cut it on the fold (side note on chain: make sure the jump-rings can easily fit into a link on the chain).
    • Attach the two jump-rings to the ends of both lengths of chain (one jump ring for each chain).
    • Before closing the jump-ring slide it through the hole on the back of the earring-turned-pendant as shown below.

    • Close the jump-rings.
    • Now we will turn our attention to the other ends of the chains which need to have a clasp installed to complete the necklace….
    • Make sure when you are adding the clasp that it is on the correct side for your dominant hand!
    • First attach a parrot clasp to one end of the chain using a jump-ring. 

    • Now move to the other end of the chain. First add a larger jump-ring than before (I believe I used a medium one). Do not the close jump-ring yet!
    • I want to add a weight to the end of this necklace so measure out 2-3 additional inches of chain, cut and set it beside the end with the open jump-ring.

    • Attach the two chains together using this jump-ring (the jump-ring will be where the parrot clasp connects).

      • Now I will add some decorative beads to the unfinished end of the chain we just added using the jump-ring.
      • Grab two or three of your favorite beads and a little bit of wire. 

      • String the beads onto the wire and create a “sealed” end by twisting the wire so the beads will not slip off the end and leave the other end open.

      • Using your pliers create a small loop at the “open” end.

      • Slide this onto the end of your chain.

      • Begin wrapping the wire around the base to firmly secure the bead work onto the end of the chain.

      • Cut the excess wire with wire cutters.

      • Voila! You have a fabulously finished necklace made from a former clip on earring! 
      • As always glamour shots!

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