Make A Magic Wand Tutorial 

I am involved in a threatrical production this semester (actually I’m helping direct it). We are doing a Cinderella play and the Fairy Godmother needed a magic so I decided I’d try my hand at making one myself. This is a great prop for all the Cosplayers out there, or if you’re just wanting a little magic. 

What You’ll Need

  • A stick of desired size and length 
  • Sand paper 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray paint of desired color(s)
  • A place outside to spray paint 


  • First I went outside and grabbed a couple of sticks that had the look I was going for.

  • Then I sanded those puppies down a little bit.
  • Next I whipped out my hot glue gun and started adding texture to the wide end of the stick to create a hand grip. 

    • Note: only do it to the bottom fourth of the wand to give it a more delicate and wide-at-the-bottom look.
    • Allow the hot glue to dry and add a bit more to your liking.
    • Next take the wands outside and find a clean area to spray paint (I recycled a cardboard box to put the wands on and paint them).

      • I chose a metallic silver look 
      • Shake the can well and hold the can about 8 inches away and spray lightly.

      • Roll the wands over and spray the other side as well. 
      • You may need a few coats to get the desired coverage. 
      • Allow them to dry and allacazam! You have a fantastic new magic wand.
      • Glamour shots of course….

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