Drawing Tutorial: Angry Cartoon Turkey

I was looking back on my past art and I came upon an angry cartoon turkey. I thought I’d try to recreate this festive drawing in honor of thanksgiving in the form of a drawing tutorial! Follow along with me and see if you too can recreate this masterpiece.

What You’ll Need:

  • Any drawing medium (pens, paper, crayons, glitter glue if you’re into that)
  • I used an art app called Draw Cast, I highly recommend it because it has epic tools and you truly can create masterpieces that will far surpass my turkey
  • A creative spirit and lively imagination 


With any art project I ever do I find an inspiration first:

This angry turkey was im inspiration (I drew it about a year ago as a joke). It isn’t very good so I thought why not improve on it? 

  • First start by drawing a faint circle as a guideline for the turkey’s body:

  • Next add a small extension from one side of the body faintly to serve as a head and neck:

  • Now go over the outside with more intensity of color:

  • Keep going…

  • Now we will add the wing, start by adding a curved line in the center of the turkey’s belly:

  • Add a small curve to the end of the previous bent line:

  • Repeat next to the prior curve:

  • Get rid of the remaining faint lines via eraser:

  • Draw two small rays of orange sunshine near the rear:

  • Add more sunbeams:

  • Now connect two of the sunbeams together with a bent line:

  • Continue this…

  • Good, a little bit more…

  • The turkey cannot fly so he needs some legs… draw one yellow stick under his body:

  • Add another short yellow stick adjacent to the one prior:

  • He needs feet so draw a sideways “v” at the base of the foot:

  • Repeat on other foot:

  • Add a small line going in the opposite direction as the “v” to each foot:

  • Now he needs a face! Add another sideways “v” to the top of his face, this time pointed the opposite way:

  • Now add the wattle (fun fact: the wattle of the turkey is the small, red dangly thing that hangs down from his beak) I created the wattle by making a squished “w” shape under his beak close to his neck.

  • When in doubt give your turkey angry eyebrows! Add a thick black line over his beak off to one side:

  • Repeat for the other eyebrow 

  • Add dots for eyeballs (turkeys have beady eyes: I would know because I helped my family raise turkeys when I was younger) 

Tada!!! We have our very own simple, cartoon turkey! Glamour shots as well as comparison between the two drawings!

Both turkeys have their own unique charm. Thank you so much for following, liking, and commenting on my blog! It really means the world to me and what better saybtonshare that appreciation with you than with a blog post! If you try this drawing please show me how it turned out for you! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!


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