Geometric Nails 

I have always been a girl who loves to do my own nails. But as I have gotten older I have found that my attempts at doing fun new things with my nail polish have slowed down. Thankfully the nail polish muse inspired me to try out these cool triangular, geometric nails! 

What I Used: 

  • Four different polish colors of coordinating hues
  • 100% pure acitone
  • Glossy clear top coat 
  • An old angled makeup brush
  • Scotch tape 
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Other nail tools


  • To start out, I prepped my nails with a file because they were somewhat uneven.

  • I also used a buffing tool to prep them for the first coat of polish.
  • One trick I have found to prevent denting your paint jobs is to keep the coats of polish few and far between. I recommend a MAX of two coats (not including the top coat). 
  • The polish I used was opaque in two coats so that’s what I did.
  • Note: all my polish is pretty old (two years or more) which didn’t seem to negatively affect the outcome. 

  • They already look pretty good like this but I want to amp it up a bit with some cool art! 
  • Enter the scotch tape…

  • Take a piece of tape about an inch long from the dispenser. 
  • Be really careful if your nails aren’t quite dry! 
  • Note: let your nails dry for a minute before you move on to the next steps!

  • Snip a line straight into the tape.

  • Snip a triangle out of one side of the line and then out of the other so that you have an even triangle:

  • Prep the tape by sticking it to your wrist a couple of times so that it looses some of its stickiness. If it’s too sticky it could mess up your manicure, but remember there is a balance. If it isn’t sticky enough the stencil won’t work.
  • Lay the triangle stencil on your nail so that the widest part of the triangle is at the base of your nail and the point is directed upwards. 

  • Using a thinner polish paint over the area that was left blank!
  • Note: DON’T let the polish dry before you peel the tape off!!! Peel it off almost immediately after painting over it! 

  • I’m going to confess that both of my thumb nails gave me heck when trying to do the stencil and I had to redo my left thumb three times to actually make it work correctly. All the others worked great but just the thumbs were an issue. So don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t turn out right the first time.
  • If the stencil doesn’t work perfectly like this:

  • Just go back with your base color and paint around the edge of your triangle to make the lines crisp.
  • So when complete your nails should look something like this:

  • Next you will need a very tiny brush.
  • At this point you might be thinking that you don’t have a very tiny brush, additionally you might be thinking that I didn’t specify beforehand that one was needed for this look. Fear not! I am going to show you how to make one. Many nail art tools are really expensive but this is a neat way to stay on budget.
  • Take a very tiny amount of hair you can get it from an old makeup brush or your pet cat. I took some from my one locks. 
  • REMEMBER you don’t need that much at all!!! Like twenty strands max and only about an inch long! Please don’t cut off all your hair!!! Just a tiny bit that isn’t noticeable! 
  • I used scotch tape to secure my hair before I cut it.

  • Then I laid the hair down onto another piece of tape that was longer.

  • Lay a toothpick onto the edge of the sticky tape close to the hair. 

  • Snip off the sticky tape adjato the tooth pick (not the side with the hair)!

Roll the tape around the tooth pick so that you create a tiny brush handle. 

  • Tada! A free, tiny nail art brush.
  • On a paper plate or other safe surface, pour out a small drop of a new color of nail polish. 
  • Dip your new tiny brush Into the dollop and paint two stripes adjacent to the black triangle, creating a teepee over the top of it.

  • Do this for all your nails. 

  • Pour a little bit of 100% acetone into ta bottle cap 
  • Use the bottle cap as a vessel to clean off your little brush, then wipe it off with a paper towel.
  • Pour a drop of another color of nail polish onto the same safe surface (i.e. A paper plate).
  • Paint another teepee over the first teepee.

  • Add a glossy top coat to really enhance the shine! 

As always, glamour shots! I hope that you enjoyed this nail art tutorial. If you decide to try it out for yourself please let me know in the comments. If you would like to see more nail art tutorials or tips give this post a thumbs up! Please share with your friends and family and follow my blog! 

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