Origami Crane Valentine

I have recently been folding sweet little origami cranes in my free time. It is a lovely creative outlet and is not a very time-consuming endeavor. Since I have an abundance of paper and very brief moments of quiet during the day, origami swans have become something special to me. Thus, I decided origami swans would make perfect valentines to show love for those around me.

What You’ll Need:

  • Either sheet of perfectly square origami paper or a rectangular paper of choice
  • Possibly scissors
  • Markers, pens, writing instruments


  1. If you have a square piece of origami paper, then skip to step 4. Start with an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper, or any rectangular paper.

2. fold it from one corner so that the short edge lines up perfectly with the long edge.

org 2

3. Cut the free edge. If you want to, you can use the scrap as a bookmark.

org 2

4. Unfold the triangle and you should have an almost perfect square.

org 2

5. Fold it crossways in the opposite direction. Then open the triangle again.

org 2

org 2

6. I will show the rest of the tutorial via pictures instead of text:

I decided to use a calendar picture because it’s really pretty and such great way to up-cycle a calendar!

(I turned it 90°)

¡Voila! Position the wings halfway up and you’re done!

8. If you want to you can write a sweet note on the wing. Glamour shots! Comment on the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received! Like, subscribe, or check out some of my other blog posts! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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