Up-Cycled Glitter Pencil

If you have the following two problems then I do I have a blog post for you! Problem A: very boring pencils with promotional junk on them (yuck)! Problem B: An over-abundance of nail polish that you will never use up in your life! I was recently faced with the very same problem, then a realization struck me and this blog post was born. Without further ado, I give you the Up-cycled Glitter Pencil tutorial!

What You’ll Need:

  • Glittery nail polish (or really any nail polish)
  • An ugly pencil (or a pen you want to jazz up)
  • A cup, pen holder, or block of styrofoam to hold your pencil while you paint it.


  1. Paint several coats of glitter polish on your pencil, allow it to dry between coats.

After a couple of coats I called it quits. Now I’m proud to display my handiwork and my penmanship (or would it be pencil-man-ship?)! I give you the final product, and glamour shots! Please be sure to try this tutorial out for yourself, it could be a great gift for a friend! Like, comment, or subscribe if you haven’t already! Thanks so much for all your support!


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