How To Read More Books: or Do More of Anything Really

Often people I talk to in passing express the desire to read more books, but just as often they complain about the lack of time. This excuse breaks my heart because they have believed a lie. People make time for what is truly important. If watching cat videos on YouTube is important, you’ll make time for it. If spending time with your family is important you’ll (hopefully) make time for them. The same goes for reading. Here are 3 steps to reading more books (or doing more of whatever is important to you.

1. Stop Waiting Until The Finish-line

In my own life I am guilty of waiting until the finish line to start working on my goal all too often. What does this look like exactly?

“When this summer rolls around I’ll read more books.”

“When I graduate High School I’ll read more books.”

“When I graduate College I’ll read more books.”

“When I get my promotion I’ll read more books.”

“I’ll read when I’m retired.”

“I’ll read when I’m dead.”

All too often, I wait around for a milestone because then I’ll actually have time to read more books. That’s not how life works though -you run out of time. Instead, break free from the finish line mentality by living life one day at a time. Dedicate a small amount of time each day to read a book.

2. Set Goals

A key tenant of a successful reader is to set realistic goals. I read one fun book a month (ie. Twelve fun books a year). By making the goal small and taking it step by step it is much more achievable. Sure there are months where I finish my book for the month at 11:58pm on the 31st, but I still get it done! Nobody is perfect, just do the best you can.

3. Track and Celebrate Your Success

Keeping track of your success is a form of accountability. I write down the books I’ve read in my journal with the day I finish reading included off to the side. It’s a really great motivator because I hate seeing time gaps in my journal! Ok the flip side, celebrate your successes: go to a coffee shop with a friend and recommend this awesome new book you’ve read, treat yourself to a spa day, or go to the library and check out a new book, the possibilities are endless!

There are a plethora of other ways to read more books -or do more of what you have been putting on the back burner. I want to keep this post short and simple so that is where I will leave things for today. Please comment on the things you have been wishing to do more of. Let me know what tricks you use to maximize your time effectively. Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you haven’t already! As always, here are some glamour shots of books I’ve read over the past few months!

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