How to Draw A Bunny

Summer is still in full, which means there are not a lot of outdoor activities that don’t involve sweating! That means indoors is the perfect retreat from the heat. Because of this, I’ve been practicing my hand at drawing and creating unique works of art, which leads us to the latest installment of “How To Draw.”

What You’ll Need:

  • Colored pencils or other preferred artist utensils
  • Paper or a sketch pad
  • What to Do:
  • I like to start all my drawings by first framing out the subject. So lightly pencil in a circle (an oblong circle).
  • Then add a chubby oval just below the circle.
  • Add two smaller ovals at oblique angles.
  • Add two puffy ovals at the top for the ears.
  • Then by the feet add a fat circle by the left foot for the tail.
  • Now let’s add details to the face. Draw two squares with rounded corners adjacent to one another for sunglasses lenses.
  • Add a tiny oval for a nose, between the lenses.
  • Draw a straight line down from the middle of the nose for the mouth.
  • Add smile lines:
  • Then draw a small rounded rectangle at the base of the mouth for some teeth.
  • Draw a line in the middle of the square to add teeth.
  • Now add arms my drawing a straight line from the body at an upward angle.
  • Then draw another line angled toward the head and connecting to the original line.
  • Repeat this on the outside of the original two lines to create an arm.
  • Repeat this step on the other side of the bunny to make another arm.
  • Let’s return to the face again and add details to the sunglasses.
  • Draw a straight line spanning both lenses across the top (add a small divot in the middle).
  • Then frame out the bottom by outlining the lenses.
  • Now start forming up those framing lines by making them darker.
  • Add some small circles on the lenses to create the feeling of light.
  • Back to firming up the lines again.
  • Make the ears darker.
  • Add two bent lines mirroring his outer ears to make little ear lines.
  • Again back to firming up the framing.
  • Ok the picture is almost done just color in the sunglasses, nose and add pink to the ears.
  • And we are officially done: Glamour shots! Please like, comment, share this tutorial with your friends (who like bunnies). Subscribe if you haven’t already because I post twice a month and the posts can come right to your inbox if you want! Thank you all for your love and support and don’t forget to get creative! Also have a great summer.
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