Inverse Galaxy Nails

There’s just something so relaxing about painting nails. I definitely finding joy in being able to create something beautiful and artistic through nail art. The inverse galaxy nail design was inspired by all the other galaxy nail designs that have been floating around the internet, they key difference being that I started with all the colors of the galaxy and ended with the void of space (instead of starting with a black base). I think I’ve managed to create something really special and unique!

Start with a base coat (used a peel off base coat).

Wait for about thirty seconds and then apply one coat of a bright blue nail polish (mine was pretty old so it ended up being sort of clumpy but not to worry it won’t matter in the end).

Dab on some large iridescent blue glitter flakes (I used a makeup sponge to reduce the jelly from the polish).

Next, using a small piece of makeup sponge, dab on some bright purple over the blue in small asymmetrical patches.

Don’t worry if you get it on your skin you can use a cheap makeup brush dipped in acetone to wipe it away.

I cleaned up the cuticles a bit and used a nail art brush to add black space into the galaxy.

What kind of galaxy would it be without stars? Add one or two coats of a white glitter holographic nail polish or free hand dots and stars onto your nails intermittently. Fun fact: the nail polish I used was actually a snowflake nail polish I just didn’t put any of the snowflakes on my nails.

Be sure to add a quick dry topcoat to seal all your work in and make it look super shiny! Here is what the finished product looks like!

I couldn’t help but include glamour shots in this diy! Please feel free to like, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t already! Thank you so much for being awesome and I hope you enjoyed this installment of DIY Craft Zibby!

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