DIY: Simple Scrunchie

Scrunchies are very cute and functional accessories, and it seems like they have become explosively popular. I found some really cool green corduroy fabric that was just begging to be made into a scrunchie- so without any further ado I give you my Simple Scrunchie Tutorial!

What You’ll Need:

  • 14 by 4 inch fabric strip (green corduroy)
  • Enough 1/4 in elastic to wrap around your wrist
  • Needle, thread and other sewing notions


  • Start by cutting a 14″ by 4″ strip of fabric (Note: I had to do a little piecing to get my strip to be long enough).

  • Fold it in half right sides together and sew a straight line on the long side so that you make a tube. Leave the two ends un-sewn about a quarter inch from the ends.

  • Turn it right side out.

  • Pinch the two ends together as shown and run a quick hand stitch across on side so that it leaves an opening to put the elastic.

  • First, measure the elastic strip and cut it so that it can fit snugly around your wrist, then using a safety pin, run elastic through the fabric loop.

  • Sew the elastic ends together.

  • Finish by by using an invisible stitch to close the opening.

That concludes the simple Scrunchie Tutorial. I hope this is a fun and easy craft that you will share with your scrunchie loving friends and family. As always, glamour shots, and I hope you have a blessed day! Thank you for reading!

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