Three Simple Valentine Ideas

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I am currently buried under a laundry list of things I have to get done before the week is out. That is why I thought I’d share three simple Valentine ideas to tell the special people in your life you love them.

Valentines Day Origami


There are a plethora of simple origami designs that you can make. I love using these as unconventional Valentines for the people I love most. The origami crane is a particularly sweet one because you can write a message of love on its wing.

A Manicure

I love painting my nails and having them looking lovely. If you have a penchant for this as well it is an easy and free way to express your love and spend quality time with your special someone.

Cook a Tasty Dish


Cooking a tasty meal or treat to share with your loved one is a great way to express your love. You don’t even have to take a whole lot of time to do it. My cheesy bacon potato bites hit the spot and they take very little prep. They are sure to please even the pickiest Valentine.


Alternatively, you could give your love some stuffed mushrooms. They are also very simple but they lend elegance to any romantic get together.

I don’t have any glamour shots to share for the conclusion of this blog post but I do hope that you will take the time to remember the special people in your life this Valentines Day and remind them how much they mean to you. Don’t forget you thank the Lord for blessing you with the special relationships in your life. God bless and a happy Valentines Day!

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