Simple Christmas Tree Ornament

I am always playing around with crafty ideas during the month of December. Creating cute gifts for my friends and family is something that fills my heart with Christmas cheer. That’s why when I was digging through the fabric box and I stumbled across some forest green corduroy inspiration struck me and I simply had to create this adorable miniature Christmas tree ornament! What You’ll … Continue reading Simple Christmas Tree Ornament

Simple Embroidered Bookmark

I recently started reading Jane Eyer and I needed a good bookmark. Because there is a lot of crafting going on in my house at the moment, I started feeling inspired so I decided to make a simple fabric bookmark. What You’ll Need: A fabric strip about 12″ by 2″ Embroidery floss and needle for hand sewing Embroidery hoop Other vital sewing implements Procedure: Fold … Continue reading Simple Embroidered Bookmark

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Ruffled Sleeve Blouse

I drew this design and wanted to make it a reality! So with a few simple tools and a little bit of trial and error I brought my sketch to life! What You’ll Need: 3-4 yards of fabric (have more than you need when creating your own pattern it’s a lifesaver) the fabric must stretch (cotton stretchy t shirt fabric works the best) One form … Continue reading Ruffled Sleeve Blouse

Nativity Scene Pillow

There’s nothing quite like a nativity scene, the pastoral, peaceful reminder of the true reason for Christmas. It is a beautiful reminder of the story of Jesus’s birth found in Luke 2. That’s why I love making nativity themed gifts during Christmas time. It seemed like a perfect thing to put on the front of a Christmas themed pillow!┬áSo I decided to create a handmade … Continue reading Nativity Scene Pillow