Ten Awesome DIY Last Minute Gifts

If you’re scouring the internet for some last minute gifts to make for loved ones you are in the right place!

Sleep Mask

Link to tutorial

This little sleep mask is a quick and easy DIY gift that is sure to please any sleeping beauty!

Scrappy Decorative Pillow

Link to tutorial

This cute pillow can be created in infinitely different ways. It makes a great gift to the friend that loves to decorate!

A Bunch of Scrunchies



Link to tutorial

For the friend who is always asking to borrow your hairbands make a few of these bad boys!

Glittery Pencils

Link to tutorial

Glittery pencils are a great stocking stuffer. They are the perfect gift for the writer in the family!

The Zip-Your-Lips Case

Link to tutorial

The Zip-your-lips case is the perfect gift for the fashionista or lipstick obsessed person in your life!

A Box of Handmade Stationary

Link to tutorial

Featuring things found in nature, this hand-made stationery is sure to please both the nature lover and the letter writers in your life.

A Fancy Christmas Ornament 

Link to tutorial

This stunning ornament makes the perfect gift for the fanciest of friends.

Yummy Scones

Link to tutorial

These delicious Cranberry Apricot Citrus Scones are the perfect gift for the hungriest of people! They pair really nicely with a cup of hot tea too!

Beaded Dangle Earrings

Link to tutorial

This pair of earrings is super customizable which makes them ideal for someone who wants to stand out.

T-Shirt Headbands

Link to tutorial

This gift is sure to please anyone who is sick and tired of having their hair in their face! Pair this gift with an at-home spa day and it’s sure to be a winner.

That concludes this list of gifts! I hope you found the perfect gift and that you’ll share this page with those who are looking to DIY their own last minute gifts. Have a blessed Christmas!

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